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I have been training with Laurie since 2009.  I chose her as my trainer because I had observed her at the gym working with other people, and she always came across as very professional and knowledgeable, plus she herself is in excellent shape.  She surpassed my expectations and I have been working with her for over eight years now.  She has helped me renovate my health in every aspect: strength, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, nutrition, stress management, better sleep habits, and hydration.  I am in better shape now in my 60’s than I was in my 20’s.  At my last complete annual physical and blood work my GP was amazed at the results and called me “a credit to the species”.

Thank you, Laurie!

Hans B.

We started seeing Laurie to help improve our overall strength and fitness to complement our rock climbing goals.  Every session, we're greeted with a smile and enthusiasm, which always brings out the best in our efforts.  She creates for us challenging routines containing a mix of TRX, core strength, and other novel exercises that push us to improve our weaknesses.  In just over a year, we've seen our balance, coordination and functional core strength improve greatly.  If you believe in hard work and training smarter (not longer!), she will definitely help you reach your goals - we thoroughly recommend her!

Jonty & Moria P.

I have been training with Laurie Smith for the past seven years and without a doubt she will make you sweat and feel sore the next day.  From day one Laurie has been extremely professional and dedicated to helping me reach my personal fitness goals.  She takes the time to understand your personal life outside of the gym in order to craft specific exercise programs which will not only help you reach your goals but are accessible to complete on your own.  I have personally seen her train both male and female clients of all different body types and fitness levels and at the end of everyone’s session they leave with 100% satisfaction.  Laurie has a multitude of certifications and a highly accomplished educational background making her a well rounded personal trainer.  My favourite type of training with Laurie is when she utilizes the TRX along with high intensity intervals.  Throughout the workout she pays close attention to your body positioning and the mechanics of the exercise to ensure you are getting maximum results.  Occasionally, Laurie will craft exercises for me to do upside down in order to challenge myself, which I have thoroughly enjoyed.  I have also attended several Yoga classes instructed by Laurie where I have personally seen both new and returning students give her nothing but positive feedback.  I’ve had other personal trainers before, both male and female, but none of them come close to Laurie’s calibre.  If you are looking for someone to help you reach your personal fitness goals, no matter how impossible it may seem, I wouldn’t recommend anyone else but Laurie Smith!

Joan L.

I trained with Laurie for over two years.  After our initial assessment she customized a great workout program.  The exercises are highly original, always challenging, and make me feel great.  I have achieved big gains in the way my body looks, moves and feels.  She is able to target my weaker areas and make them stronger.  Through Laurie I met my new best friend, the TRX.

Jonathan G.

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